Thursday, January 28, 2010

anthropologie love

After a recent shopping trip to Anthropologie, Ben and I decided we need to make our apartment look as much like it as possible. We are kind of lazy when it comes to decorating within a certain theme. Luckily for us, we already have tons of quilts and afghans which will go along with our Anthropologie theme perfectly. So naturally I've been spending lots of time perusing their website looking for things we need... okay, want. Really I'm just compiling a mile long wishlist, for now I figure we can make do with what we have at home. I made this pillow yesterday after months of saying I was going to do so. I found a this fabric at the Salvation Army probably 2 years ago. I'm happy I finally used it! It's very cheesy cute, don't you think?

1 comment:

  1. That pillow... what can I say? To quote the Lebowski, it really pulls the room together. Love and such.