Thursday, May 21, 2009

poppies, poppies, poppies!

Ben and I are just about to get started designing our save-the-dates and invitations! I've really been inspired by vintage illustrations of poppies as of late, so I think we're going to try and incorporate them somehow. We're enlisting Mallory's help with a top secret surprise with our save-the-dates. I'm pretty pumped about it, but you will just have to wait and see! Here are some really adorable save-the-dates and such from around the internet blogging world.This totally caught my eye because it's so different than anything I've seen. So cute. People just don't wear hats like they used to...I just love the simplicity of this one. Very straight forward.Very cute westerny theme. I love the nerdy illustration style.
Classic love birds. It's just so stinkin' cute! I found all of these courtesy of Brooklyn Bride.This one is from Satsuma Press. I love the poppies! This is probably the closest to what I think ours will look like, but in Ben's illustration style of course.


I decided to chop! I, of course, debated about it, but once I was in the salon chair, I knew there was nothing else I wanted.It's a little different than the Kirsten Dunst cut, but still very cute. I still have to get the styling down, but I really couldn't be happier. It reaffirms the fact that I am and always will be a short hair girl.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

mini wedding update!

I am in the midst of finals, so naturally I'm procrastinating. What better time to blog? Here's an update on our wedding plans!

I ordered this dress from J.Crew, and when it arrived, it was too short. When she heard about my too short dress, my lovely boss at the flower shop recommended that her mother make the dress for me! While I can sew a nice sun dress, I'm not so sure a wedding dress would turn out so pretty. So I'm pretty excited about this! I'm glad the dress didn't work out because now I really know what I want. I bought a vintage dress pattern on Ebay and found (totally randomly) a vintage lace dress that is almost the same cut as the pattern! The plan is to merge the two into one fabulously gorgeous dress! I can't wait to get started!I think these shoes are the best. Perfect for a tall girl like me!
Photo from Little Pheasant

I've decided to make my own bouquets for the wedding. I met with a florist in Lawrence and just didn't feel right about it. He was very nice, but I'm just too damn picky. Especially about flowers. So we'll see what happens!


I've always been a short hair kinda gal. However, the last year or so, I've been slowly growing it out with hopes of becoming a long hair gal. Lately though, I've been itching to cut it! What's a girl to do?
I've always thought I wouldn't be the one to grow my hair out for my wedding, but now that's what I'm doing. I know, it's just hair, but I have a tendency to over think these things. I love the idea of a cute little veil too, which would definitely look best with a short do.
This of course, is the best haircut ever! I've been coveting it for way too long... What do you think? Is it wedding appropriate?