Wednesday, January 28, 2009

my current inspirations

I had my first day of school yesterday!  Yikes!  It actually wasn't so bad.  I was really nervous, but the two classes I had seem like they are going to be fun.  And I actually know someone in one of them!  Yay!  Anyhoo, so Ben and I celebrated by watching Manhattan.  I really think it was a lot better than Annie Hall.  Now, of course, I'm obsessed with Diane Keaton's wardrobe.  I need a good blazer stat!  Now on to the wedding related blogging!Wedding planning is just difficult.  All I do is google things and look at pictures, which I guess is good.  I have to get inspiration somewhere, right?  Still, no solid plans have been made.  I thought I could give you all an idea of what I'm going for.This dress from J Crew is amazing.  I'm pretty much obsessed with it.  I thought I wanted to make my dress, but when I see this I just want to buy it!
I honestly can't remember where I found this photo, but I LOOOOVE the veil!  I'm thinking of cutting my hair that length again and so I will probably need that veil!
I found these custom cake toppers on Julie plus Todd, but they are from Etsy.  They will custom make them to look like yours truly!  I thought these ones kind of looked like us.  More to come later!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

blizzard bunnies!

So... Chicago is really snowy right now... have you heard?  The snow is piling up in ridiculous amounts.  It's kind of awesome slash kind of annoying.  Today of course, was the worst day because I didn't get to stay home and cuddle.  Mandatory orientation at my new school! Yay!
After it was over, I trekked to H&M with Benny.  It's never too snowy for that!  Anyhoo, while I was there with no money and without my five lovely bridesmaids, I found the perfect purple dresses.  They were $20!  Did I mention buy one get one free too?  Perhaps I'm an idiot for not buying them, but I really feel like something better will come along.  But with my ladies scattered from Wyoming to New Jersey, it just wouldn't work.  They would need to be altered I'm sure.  So... sorry to my lovely bridesmaids.  I will find something just as lovely... eventually...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

If I was a bridesmaid instead of the bride...

I would want to wear this dress, except I would want it to be purple.  I have a slight addiction to that color.  It reminds me of a dress I used to play dress up in as a child.  

Margarita Love... oh, and Ben too!

Here's something to get you through this Monday-like Tuesday!  I was looking through old pictures and found this one of me and Ben.  It really wasn't that long ago, but still, it is fun to reminisce.  This was taken on Ben's birthday, I think two years ago.  We still lived in  Lawrence and probably ate at El Mezcal once a week...  We had a problem.  Damn those deliciously cheap margaritas!!  
Ain't he cute?

Sunday, January 4, 2009

feathery 2009 ideas

It is officially our wedding year!  I feel like I've been neglecting this whole wedding-planning thing because of the holidays, but I plan to get on it very soon.  I have a lot of ideas brewing and have received a very helpful book for Christmas.  (Thanks Mallory!!)
I really want to make boutonnieres for the groomsmen, but with feathers and such instead of flowers.  As much as I LOVE flowers, I want to make something that will last and the guys will be able to use again... if ever they have an occasion to do so.  I borrowed the image above from a $10,000 wedding.  I think it is cute take on boutonnieres and of course I love the button!  We'll see what the groom thinks of it...
Basically, I just love feathers.  I really like this yellow one, which actually isn't a boutonniere at all.  It is for you hair!  So... that might be something else to consider.  More ideas coming soon!  Stay tuned!