Wednesday, January 14, 2009

blizzard bunnies!

So... Chicago is really snowy right now... have you heard?  The snow is piling up in ridiculous amounts.  It's kind of awesome slash kind of annoying.  Today of course, was the worst day because I didn't get to stay home and cuddle.  Mandatory orientation at my new school! Yay!
After it was over, I trekked to H&M with Benny.  It's never too snowy for that!  Anyhoo, while I was there with no money and without my five lovely bridesmaids, I found the perfect purple dresses.  They were $20!  Did I mention buy one get one free too?  Perhaps I'm an idiot for not buying them, but I really feel like something better will come along.  But with my ladies scattered from Wyoming to New Jersey, it just wouldn't work.  They would need to be altered I'm sure.  So... sorry to my lovely bridesmaids.  I will find something just as lovely... eventually...

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  1. oh goodness oh goodness...enough of this cold...but yea to Martha going back to school!